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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Trump update 1/21/2017..DEFINITELY Some Protests Happening Today

The People RULE America

Marcus Luttrell: Trump spoke to the people who elected him

Historic! Alex Jones Responds To Trump Inauguration Speech

Trump inaugural speech hyper-nationalistic, warlike: Analyst

World leaders react to Trump’s inauguration

Trump Predictions, Good and Bad

AMERICAN CARNAGE - Trump ft. Piano Guys ft. 3 Doors Down

Autistic Screeching, Spencer Punched, and Real Life Baneposting: Our Insane Inauguration

Trump Attends National Cathedral Prayer Service

Putin hacked Trump’s inauguration fireworks

DEFINITELY Some Protests Happening Today

Anti-Trump Riots Rage In D.C. After Inauguration

Pink Hat Zombie Apocalypse Caught On Camera

Michael Moore Speaks at Rally for Women, at Washington, DC Rally for Women

Maxine Waters Speaks at Rally for Women

MSM Radicalized Donald Trump Protesters
David Seaman

We Can Use Trump’s Narcissism Against Him If We Stand Together
The Ring of Fire

Trump Meets CIA Employees, Pledges Support

FULL SPEECH: Donald Trump CIA Headquarters Statement

FULL SPEECH: Donald Trump CIA Headquarters Statement - YouTube

Anti-establishment parties in Koblenz says ‘People fed up with politically correct elites’

‘People fed up with politically correct elites’: Anti-establishment parties summit in Koblenz - YouTube

ISIS update 1/21/2017..Russian Tu-22M3 bombers target ISIS positions in Deir ez-Zor

“Syrian forces encircles militants in Wadi Barada”

Syrian Army battles IS militants in Deir ez-Zor

Fighting SAA against ISIS in the area of the cemetery near Deir ez Zor

Russian Tu-22M3 bombers target ISIS positions in Deir ez-Zor, Syria - Defense Ministry

The Syrian Arab Army is fighting the terrorists of ISIS in al-Mukaber of the city of Deir ez-Zor

Syrian Army Lays Siege on ISIL Near Deir Ezzur City

Syrian Army troops, with the back up of the Russian and Syrian fighter jets, continued to advance against ISIL in the Southern outskirts of Deir Ezzur and laid siege on terrorists in several battlefields.

Syrian and Russian warplanes hit hard ISIL's positions in Deir Ezzur's cemetery, South of al-Omal region, al-Thardah mountain and in areas surrounding the airbase, destroying tens of military and armored vehicles and killing a number of militants.

In the meantime, the army soldiers engaged in fierce clashes with ISIL and managed to advance in the cemetery region, laying siege on the terrorists in several positions.

A military source said that a 10-member group of ISIL was trapped in the army men's ambush and the entire members of the group were captured by the army troops.

He further added that the army is resolved to take back the city's cemetery and al-Omal region with the assistance of the country's fighter jets to reconnect the road from the city to airbase.

In relevant developments in the province on Friday, the army entered the cemetery region in Deir Ezzur as Russia's Iskander missiles hit the ISIL terrorist group's military positions in different parts of the city.

The army units entered in the cemetery region in the Southwestern part of Deir Ezzur city and seized control over a part of the strategic territory.

Meantime, the Russian army's Iskander missiles pounded and destroyed the ISIL terrorists' military positions in different parts of Deir Ezzur city. Meantime, the Russian and Syrian warplanes intensified their air raids on ISIL's supply lines in Deir Ezzur and killed tens of militants in their raids.

Syrian army targets vehicle carrying Nusra fighters with IED in Daraa CS

Eastern Homs province | Palmyra Front Update | January 20th 2017

The Syrian Arab Army is fighting the terrorists of ISIS near the town of al-Kariaten. On the East of Homs province.

Rakka operation of encirclement

Iranian diplomat: Syria peace talks aimed at ending conflict

Life returns to Eastern Mosul after 'hell' under IS


Syrian Army Lays Siege on ISIL Near Deir Ezzur City

Syrian Army Drives ISIL out of More Lands in Northeastern Aleppo with Russian Aerial Back up

Syria: Over 600 Militants, Family Members Leave Southwestern Damascus for Idlib

Syria: ISIL Withdraws from More Key Positions Near T4 Airbase

Deir Ezzur: Over 500 ISIL Terrorists Killed in Clashes with Syrian Soldiers in Recent Days

US Spy Plane Spotted Flying over Russian Base in Syria's Waters

Russia: Eleven Warships Enough to Carry Out Entire Urgent Missions in War-Hit Syria

Expert: ISIL's Attacks on Airports "A US Scenario to Weaken Syrian Air Force"

Charles Hugh Smith tells X22Report Central Bankers Going To Shutoff Spigot, Economy Will Rollover

The Central Bankers Are Going To Shutoff The Spicket And The Economy Will Rollover:Charles Hugh - YouTube

Sorcha Faal says Pope Francis Orders All Freemasons Expelled After Knights Of Malta Surround President Trump

Pope Francis Orders All Freemasons Expelled After Knights Of Malta Surround President Trump

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

An extraordinary Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that an ongoing schism in the Roman Catholic Church has now reached “full civil war status” after the Order of Malta (Knights of Malta) leader in the US, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, shockingly presided over the inauguration prayer ceremony (the most elaborate in American history) yesterday of President Donald Trump by reading scriptures from the Freemasons most holy book called the Wisdom of Solomon—immediately after which, Pope Francis ordered all Freemasons to be expelled from the Church. [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

According to this report, on 18 February 2016, Pope Francis publically declared that Trump was not a Christian in order to influence the American election, thus leading the Security Council, on 28 February 2016, to stunningly reveal that then New York City billionaire Donald Trump was the leader of the Freemasonic forces retaking control of America to coincide with the 300th anniversary of their main lodges founding in London on 24 June 1717, and whose members actually created the United States.

With Freemason Trump winning the US presidency, however, this report continues, Pope Frances discovered that, at least, 34 of the highest ranking Order of Malta members in this US, as well as other highly ranked Roman Catholic Church officials, had supported America’s new leader in his historic victory over the apostate Hillary Clinton—thus leading Pope Francis to order Cardinal Raymond Burke (November 2016) to “clean out” all of the Freemasons found in the Order of Malta, and a month later (December 2016) his creating of a commission to investigate everyone in the Order of Malta too.

In what has been characterized as an “extraordinary rebuke”, however, this report notes, the Order of Malta in response to Pope Francis told him to stay out of their affairs—with Cardinal Burke further threatening Pope Francis with a “formal act of correction” if the Pontiff, in essence, didn’t back off.

Most feared by Pope Francis about the Freemason forces being led by President Trump, this report explains, is how quickly they have ravaged the “demonic globalization agenda” the Pontiff has long supported—and whose victories include the United Kingdom leaving the European Union (Brexit), Trump’s victory in the US, and these Freemason forces now flooding back across the Atlantic to recapture France—and whose people, unlike those in America, still greatly fear these Freemason forces with their knowing of their true power and might.

With Britain still struggling to comprehend a secret archive listing over 2 million Freemasons that reveals how their nation has been completely controlled by these forces since, at least, 1733, and will require a rewrite of their entire history, this report continues, its including the secret Freemason membership of Prime Minister Winston Churchill is especially to be noted due to his grandson’s, Winston Churchill Jr., being Freemason member too.

As to why British Freemason leader Winston Churchill Jr. is to be particularly noted, this report explains, is due to his lifelong friendship with the American Freemason financier David Koch, who with his brother Charles Koch, and their private global corporate giant Koch Industries, have for decades not sought personal political power, but have, instead, laid the groundwork for their Freemason leader President Trump to retake control of the US—and whose secretive actions have been described as that even when Obama became president in 2009, it “was just a blip on a master plan measured in decades, not election cycles”.

Astonishingly, though, this report says, the American peoples ability to comprehend the truth of these Freemasonic forces now being led by President Trump Wikileaks was warned about this past year—and as revealed in the release of Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta’s emails—one of which written by Bill Ivey, chairman of the National Endowment For The Arts (NEA), correctly predicted that Clinton could be defeated because these peoples were beginning to awaken from the brainwashing they’d long been subjected to, and who wrote:

“I’m certain the poll-directed insiders are sure things will default to policy as soon as the conventions are over, but I think not. And as I’ve mentioned, we’ve all been quite content to demean government, drop civics and in general conspire to produce an unaware and compliant citizenry. The unawareness remains strong but compliance is obviously fading rapidly.”

To how actually strong the “unawareness” of the American people is right now in their failing to see, or comprehend, what these Freemasonic forces are doing, and whom they are fighting, this report says, was shockingly portrayed in a 2015 study conducted by Microsoft that revealed the average US person's attention is down to 8 seconds—which is less than that of a goldfish.

But as to the “compliance” of them “obviously fading rapidly”, this report continues, is due to a growing mass of these American people failing to succumb to the virtual avalanche of propaganda being thrown at them by their “fake news” mainstream media generated by the over 213 George Soros funded organizations—including the “main/central” one called the “Shadow Party” supporting the Bush-Clinton Crime Families, and that has already begun the process to impeach from office President Trump.

As President Trump will today confront the CIA-led “Deep State” coup against his Freemason forces attempting to retake control of a “ravaged America” and though the outcome of this war remains uncertain, this report concludes, Pope Frances and his demonic globalist allies may, indeed, have met their match—and unlike what occurred at dawn on Friday, 13 October 1307, when these modern Freemasons “Brothers of Solomon” (known in the West as the Knights Templar) were eradicated by the Roman Catholic Church, it may not be as easy this time around.

[Special Message from Sister Saoirse: Though age has dimmed my eyesight, it has not affected my mind, and as a young 18-year-old year novice in 1936, I remember well my distributing our Sorcha Faal pamphlets in my small German village of Remagen warning of the strange and satanic rituals being performed by many of our military and political leaders. No one would believe such outlandish things as they were impossible to imagine, just like this report is, and the others below are too. So please let me advise you that just because a thing is too astonishing to believe, it does not make it untrue. My country learned this lesson much too late, yours doesn’t have to.]

Other reports in this series include:

America On The Brink As President Trump Prepares To Issue CIA Ultimatum

Obama Bans Russian News After Putin Warns: “Either Trump Or Bush Will Have To Die”

CIA-Linked Reporter Summoned To Meet Trump Assassinated, And His Top Aide Poisoned Too

Trump Sends Emergency Message To Putin: “I May Not Live Through The Week”

Obama Issues Ominous Warning To Trump: “We Are Not Going Gently Into The Night”

6 Children Dead After Trump Sends Brutal Message To CIA: “Your Families Are Next!”

Obama Begins Releasing Trump Phone Calls After Trump’s Allies Move To Takeover CNN

Mysterious Cyber Attack That Hit Washington D.C. Traced To CIA Headquarters

Putin Orders Combat Alert After SVR Warns Of CIA Plot To Assassinate President-elect Trump

Heads Of US Media “Explode” After Trump Targets Vaccines He Believes Causes Autism

US Army Nurse Of Florida Airport Shooter Assassinates Revered “End Times” Religious Scholar

Obama Fears Erupt As Trump Prepares To Declare George Soros National Security Threat

Obama’s “Orwellian” Russian Hacking Report Slamming Trump Leaves Kremlin Speechless

Trump Explodes In “Cold Anger” After CIA-NSA Gun Battle In Lower Manhattan

January 21, 2017 © EU and US all rights reserved. Permission to use this report in its entirety is granted under the condition it is linked back to its original source at WhatDoesItMean.Com

CrossTalk: Obama's Exit Jan 21, 2017

CrossTalk: Obama's Exit - YouTube

Keiser Report: Trumphoria (E1022)

Keiser Report: Trumphoria (E1022) - YouTube

‘Freedom for Europe’ congress meet in the German city of Koblenz

LIVE: ‘Freedom for Europe’ congress - speeches by Petry, Le Pen, Wilders and Salvini - YouTube

Europe’s nationalist leaders kick off year of election hopes

Declaring that 2017 will be the “year of the awakening of the people of continental Europe,” French far-right presidential hopeful Marine Le Pen joined fellow nationalists Saturday at a conference in Germany to a show of populist confidence as Europe faces a series of high-stakes national elections.

Populist parties have been surging in polls in Europe and the leaders’ mood was celebratory as they came together in support of one another, the day after Donald Trump was sworn in as U.S. president following a campaign buoyed by anti-establishment and protectionist themes.

“Yesterday, a new America. Today — hello Koblenz — a new Europe!” Dutch anti-Islam leader Geert Wilders said as he opened his speech under heavy security in the German city of Koblenz on the banks of the Rhine River.

“The people of the West are awakening. They are throwing off the yoke of political correctness,” he said. “This year will be the year of the people … the year of liberation, the year of the patriotic spring.”

Far-right populist leaders from Germany, France, Italy and the Netherlands meet in the German city of Koblenz on Saturday to present their vision for "a free Europe" that would dismantle the European Union.

Marine Le Pen, who is expected to make it into a May 7 second-round run-off for the French presidency, is due to speak at the meeting, along with Frauke Petry of the anti-immigration Alternative for Germany (AfD).

They will be joined by Geert Wilders, leader of the Dutch far-right Freedom Party (PVV) who was last month convicted of discrimination against Moroccans, and Matteo Salvini of the Northern League who wants to take Italy out of the euro.

Emboldened by Britons' vote last year to leave the European Union, the leaders are meeting under the slogan "Freedom for Europe" and aim to strengthen ties between their like-minded parties, whose nationalist tendencies have hampered close collaboration in the past.

"This gives us an opportunity to see how we stand with other European parties," a spokeswoman for Salvini said.

Le Pen told France's Radio Classique that the meeting was proof that her party was not isolated.

"It is therefore the revolution of the people that we are taking part in. It is obviously very important to show that the cooperative Europe we want to achieve (is reflected) in our cooperation," she said.

Several leading German media have been barred from the meeting, which is being organized by the Europe of Nations and Freedom (ENF), the smallest group in the European Parliament, in a year when the parties are hoping for electoral breakthroughs.

Populist anti-immigration parties are on the rise across Europe as high unemployment and austerity, the arrival of record numbers of refugees and militant attacks in France, Belgium and Germany feed voter disillusionment with traditional parties.

The mood is mirrored in the United States, where Republican Donald Trump was inaugurated as U.S. president on Friday after running an election campaign with rhetoric that was widely denounced as racist and divisive.

In the Netherlands, Wilders is leading in all major polls before national parliamentary elections on March 15. In Germany, Petry's AfD is expected to enter the national parliament for the first time after federal elections in September.

Protests against the far-right are planned during the meeting, which has prized open divisions in the AfD.

Protesters block access to far-right leaders meeting in Koblenz

Sunspots, Sahara Snow, Mars Meteor | S0 News Jan.21.2016

Sunspots, Sahara Snow, Mars Meteor | S0 News Jan.21.2016 - YouTube

Friday, January 20, 2017

14 Hours Of Freedom January 20th 2016: Trump's Legendary Inauguration

14 Hours Of Freedom January 20th 2016: Trump's Legendary Inauguration - YouTube


Pt. 2
Pt. 3
Pt. 4

Tune in at all day Friday for exclusive live coverage of the event starting at 8am CT.

Palestinian/ Israeli update 1/20/2017..Arrow 3 system officially in operation

Palestinians set up tent village to protest Israeli annexation and plan to move US embassy

Palestinians rally against possible US embassy relocation to al-Quds

Israel missile defense: Arrow 3 system officially in operation

Yemen/ Saudi/ Bahrain update 1/20/2017..Yemenis slam Bahrain’s executions

1.5 million children severely malnourished as humanitarian crisis grips Yemen

Yemenis slam Bahrain’s execution of activists

A sit-in in front of the UN building at the scene of a crime to condemn the execution of three detainees Bhranyen

The march of the people of the towns of Abu Saiba and Alhakhurh on Fri "Revenge"